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Our Story

In the beginning of the 2010’s we started to get requests from customers who had invested in unlisted and illiquid assets. We discovered that there was a need to sell holdings. And throughout our circle of contacts we saw an increasing interest among investors to diversify their portfolios with alternative investments. Thus, the idea was born to create a brokerage focusing on a secondary market for unlisted shares.

Over the years we have helped countless private investors, companies and institutions to buy and sell unlisted shares.

After several years of operating trading desks in various financial institutions, we decided in 2018 to start our own brokerage firm, Monitor Capital Markets.


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Company stageSeed – Pre IPO


Secondaries and Capital raising

Our Vision

We strive to create liquidity in investments and markets that are otherwise considered illiquid. There is an increasing interest in unlisted stocks, both through direct ownership and crowdfunding – and there is a need for a player on the market. Monitor Capital Markets helps investors buy or sell shares in unlisted companies in a safe and easy way.

Our vision is that Monitor Capital Markets will be the obvious choice for you who wish to trade illiquid assets.

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