With over 15 years of joint experience in secondary market brokerage, we at Monitor Capital Markets can help you who either want to invest or sell your holdings in unlisted equities or illiquid assets. We have assisted institutions, companies, private investors etc. with transactions in established companies but also startups.

We know that customers value a smooth and fast Process, Security and above all to reach a Transaction.


The majority of the documentation can be obtained electronically and signed via BankID. We cooperate closely with most of the larger banks in Sweden to simplify the transaction process for our customers. Monitor Capital Markets are representatives of Mangold Fondkommission AB (556585-1267), where the transactions occur.


We operate under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, since we are agents of Mangold Fondkommission. Read more under “Regulations”. All brokers are Swedsec-licensed to ensure an adequate level of knowledge.


With help from a widespread network we are able to find a counterparty to your order. We keep a high pace to accomplish your transactions, whether they are buy or sell orders.

The need for a secondary market will increase further, as more investors tend to invest in unlisted companies and illiquid products.




Through our secondary market of unlisted securities and capital raising projects, we are in contact with many company owners and executives. We have discovered that different services are needed when a company has or is about to raise new capital and thus get several new shareholders.

Investor Relations

A company that has made a rights issue and received a larger number of new shareholders can sometimes feel that the pressure on management increases. Especially in situations where eventual corporate events generate questions or concerns from the shareholders. In these situations, we at Monitor Capital Markets can help as a temporary or long-term contact for shareholders to reduce the pressure on management. It frees up time so that management can focus on running the company.


When an unlisted company is about to raise new capital, there may be uncertainty among potential investors about liquidity, which can make it difficult to raise capital. It has simplified for companies to raise capital when we provide a secondary market and thus create liquidity.

If your company is in the starting blocks for a rights issue or another corporate event and are interested in our IR services, you are welcome to contact us!


Is your company expanding? Through our network we have direct contact with active investors and thus the opportunity to help you reach out to new investors as your company grows.

Monitor Capital Markets’ network and its employees have experience in a number of capital raising areas, such as new issues, bonds, preferred stock.

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